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Legal & Testimonial Disclaimer: Individual results may vary to Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment. Testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Every person is unique, thus, the experiences that I share from other people may not reflect the typical patient experience.

You should not begin any treatment program if you have medical condition that precludes acupuncture or changes to nutritional or exercise habits.

Challen Yee, is a Licensed Acupuncturist who provides guidance and treatment within the legal scope of practice as regulated by the California State Board of Acupuncture. My advice or opinion is not a substitute for medical advice from a physician, and I do not diagnose medical conditions. Please consult a physician before beginning any health therapy program.


Lower Back Pain #1

Here’s some initial thoughts about lower back pain, one of the most common reasons why a patient sees and acupuncturist. This is not intended to be a lesson in fundamentals, just some observations and thoughts.

VIDEO NOTE: Some of the alignment observations mentioned in the video are more for chronic pain and spine issues, not for acute work or sports injury type problems, but rather for older or more frail patients.

Acupuncture and massage with the use of pressure points can help in the effort to restore proper alignment of bone structure though chiropractors, who acupuncturists commonly work in conjunction with, are addressing alignment and release of tension in a different manner.

My main advisory to any practitioner is care must be used in effort to realign just for the sake of realignment when there are either no symptoms observed as a result of misalignment or that the actual deviation of the spine from the patient normal is unknown. Maybe my attitude may seem too conservative for some people, but you need to hone down what the goal is with your particular patient, their history, and the symptoms.

Particularly with older patients, the long term adjustment the body makes to a condition, either by injury or by heredity, trying to reestablish alignment to a new position can stress the existing manner the patient’s body has adopted the variation/deviation.

Realignment for long term benefit can be an important goal, sometimes the realignment with massage techniques and physical therapy can come easily or work over several treatments, but it is the relief from pain that should be the focus. Again, know your patient’s specifics.

As a final thought today, a very important one, it is not unusual for lower back issues to manifest themselves in the lower body, even in the foot or knee when the actual problem is in the foot. It is for this reason that the lower back should always be checked, if not also treated, anytime there is a problem anywhere in the lower body.


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