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Health Care needs changing to Menlo Park

Some changes are bad, like losing the Oasis Beer Garden while other changes that are happening are… whatever we can make them because they seem to be coming whether we like it or not.

The local people were crushed by the forced closing of this very popular watering hole and eatery, having served the community and Stanford University alumni for over 60 years! The City of Palo Alto and Stanford University just next door.

One thing is for certain, in Menlo Park, and much of the Silicon Valley area, the abundance of integrated high density housing with their compliment of shops and restaurants are sprouting up like miniature cities, rising out of the ground like surreal monolithic future worlds, within our once suburban oasis.

We currently have two major developments going on in Menlo Park alone, along the El Camino. They are the replacement of what used to be auto row for glory days gone by, one in the area between the old Foster’s Freeze and the Holistic Health Clinic and the other is along the stretch across from the Safeway and what used to be the Oasis Beer Garden. and Koma Sushi (from what I hear is yet another building that is going to be demolished to add a multi-story health clinic building).

There’s arguments enough for both sides of bringing more people into the area with traffic getting worse, schools being overcrowded, and real estate prices going through the roof, but one thing that could maybe make a difference is the advent of integrated health clinics, INTEGRATED into these colossal construction projects.

The need for health care is on the rise, and allowing for integrated health clinics to become part of the design could take the pressure off the surrounding neighborhoods to support health clinics by displacing existing long term businesses instead of giving them the opportunity to benefit from the population boom as a result of packing more humanity into a little area.

Offering the residents, tenants, and employees a mere walk to a “one stop shop” type integrated health clinic could reduce the vehicle traffic for what is expected to be greater demand for cost effective and multi-disciplined health care where Acupuncture can perform an important role.


Just some thoughts for your consideration.


Thanks for reading and watching!





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Images of the past: I rolled up to take this photo within a month after the Oasis had to close its doors (March 2018) but before the signs came down. Notice one of the old auto dealership buildings across the street, where foundational construction of a mega complex is underway.



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