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You should not begin any treatment program if you have medical condition that precludes acupuncture or changes to nutritional or exercise habits.

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Bringing Acupuncture Mainstream – One Talk at a Time

For your convenience, I’ve provided a round up of this week’s posts at the end of this commentary. We’re working on getting off the ground – One step at a time.



I happend to stumble across an assertion made by a public medical figure (whose name I do not remember) stating that having wet hair does not cause people to get sick and if I remember, just being cold doesn’t make you sick.

My first thought was, there is a common practice in tradition Chinese culture where postpartum mother does not take a shower, much less get her hair wet, for fear of introducing a “COLD EVIL” into the body. When I write “EVIL” I don’t mean it in a ghostly sense, but certainly any kind of disease element takes on a character of its own. One could also imagine that in ancient China, or ancient any place, people didn’t commonly live in toasty warm living environments where ever they went.

Chinese traditions in general are not apt to lead the populace to take ICE BATHS or even drinking cold drinks, but it can be much easier to understand why mom after giving birth and being in a weakened state should not be testing her will-power.

While some people are constitutionally super-human, and properly conducted cold bath therapy has its positive effects for certain people, common sense and holistically we can say that lowering your body temperature below normal levels can have a negative effect on your immune system. Yes, pushing on your brake pedal isn’t what actually makes your car stop, it’s the friction of the brake pads pressing on the brake disc that actually slows down the car – in the same sense, cold can be the initiator for a person with a depressed immune system to succumb to the virus (that microbiological thing we can actually see from a Western science point of view) that actually attacks your body or allowed deeper penetration of a viral or evil infection that otherwise would not occur at normal temperatures.

What’s your experience?



Next week will start off with something different on scene in the City of Menlo Park promoting the concept of new community based integrated health clinics and end up back in the studio touch on the subject of how acupuncture optimized a woman’s menstrual cycle and a follow on regarding men’s health in regards to sexual and fathering performance.

So keep following along for more Acupuncture related health subjects.



THIS WEEK’s BLOGS – March 24-30


Acupuncture for Digestion

It will help the general public to present some other reasons how Acupuncture could be used to help with everyday issues many people suffer from.


Rescue the Appendix

If you have any mild indications in the area of your appendix, then there’s something you can do to help stem off potential problems.


Stress and Indigestion

Prolonged stress and indigestion can manifest itself into some really tenacious problems. Acupuncturists can formulate a treatment plan to address both of these issues and administer the treatment.

Thanks for reading and watching!





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