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You should not begin any treatment program if you have medical condition that precludes acupuncture or changes to nutritional or exercise habits.

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Bringing Acupuncture Mainstream – One Talk at a Time

For your convenience, I’ve provided a round up of this week’s posts at the end of this commentary. We’re working on getting off the ground – One step at a time.


Why is it tough to start something new? Do you think you need to wait for the ideal moment when there’s no problems in your life? (LOL). Man, I’ve got problems I never figured I’d run into and not anything to do with Acupuncture. It can be hard to fight the gravity of problems especially when they threaten something you have worked very hard for.

Let me digress somewhat in order to make a point about life and starting things in general. It is not a total digression because the value of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) also includes lifestyle if not even spiritual guidance, so, let me get on with it.


Hacking at Life, Death & Grief

I’ve been asked how deaths in my family don’t just cause me to just lay down my activities, take the shorter way out and grieve, for examples, the death of my sister (May 2018),  of my mother (Oct 2017), or even my father (May 1996).

First of all, I do grieve, I guess in a way that doesn’t fit the persons stereotype of people who grieve. Mixed in with the grieving is also a sense of honoring, let me just explain with my father, although my mother and my sister have their own legacies that need to be honored.

As a graphics editor, I helped my father on my free time to create a quarterly magazine for 10 years. It was a magazine for Paratroopers called “Airborne Quarterly”  in large part because my dad served as a combat paratrooper in WWII and wanted to honor his community.

After dad died, I continued to produce the magazine for about 2 more years before I was very fortunate enough to hand the responsibility of to Colonel William Weber (187th ABN) who continues the magazine to this day. I consciously put whatever major plans I had on hold to fulfill this, but there was no bitterness or regret. It was hard work, so I just worked, pretty damned hard actually.

In those two years maybe I wished I could just drop the magazine, just end it, but it wasn’t just a magazine, it was part of my father’s legacy and I wasn’t about to dump it for expediency. Moreover, during that time, I helped fulfill a personal obligation to one of the 101st Airborne Vietnam Vets who was a contributing editor, to help him publish his first book about the value of poetry in the recovery from PTSD. I worked my face off for no monetary compensation, but I did it with respect, love and honor to my father and his airborne friend.

It’s this kind of stuff that drives me, bringing this kind of value to life.

So when did I have time to grieve? God helped me understand that you can’t just stop what you’re doing or meant to do because someone died in your life, but it doesn’t mean I don’t grieve. In fact, God, through the teaching in the Bible helps us understand something about time management, and that it to keep the 7th day holy.

You can have your own interpretation of that, but part of what that means to me, is you need to make time in the midst of chaos, misfortune, and even in the aftermath of the death of a loved one to get down on your knees (more mentally and spiritually than physically) and acknowledge it, even for your own sanity. And let me tell you something about grief in particular: There’s no right or wrong way to grieve and when it hits, it hits, it will hit you with or without your consent, and without your best attempt to plan for it. I know.


Back to Websites and Launching Stuff

I struggled with thoughts of procrastinating even starting this website this week.  I realized, the market doesn’t care about my personal problems one single bit (sorry to say, it doesn’t care about your problems either) it only cares about what you and I may have to offer it.

But, hello. Guess what? There’s probably never an ideal time to start anything and whether you are young or old, and you think it’s a good idea to start something… well what are you waiting for?

The achieving mindset generally acts long before everything is certain and figured out. As a result, we often end up learning some hard sometimes painful lessons in the process, but success doesn’t come without failure, in fact it often follows a string of failures. Let’s call this Rule #1, the rule of String of Failures.

Acting when you have everything figured out is likely to build more regret than alleviating it, wasting valuable time because of the reality of Rule #1. Unless you get out of your head and actuate your ideas, you will never learn the lessons that satisfies the appetite of Rule #1 which is the result of human action, even when your intentions are good.

The regret of inaction is more personally destructive that the pain of trying.

And what are you thinking about? Whether it’s an Acupuncture treatment, forgiving someone, reaching out to someone, starting to improve your diet, trying something new and interesting you’ve been procrastinating on, saying “I love you” to someone who relies on you, starting a new business, getting rid of an old crappy job, moving toward reconciliation, raising your circle, or maybe just doing a few exercises to improve your health. You may have a lot of time left in your life, but no life is long enough if you do not take the action for good.

What are you doing today? What is your intent, your motivation? Does it make you a better person or make your part of the world a better place?

Go figure out what you’re good at, what you enjoy, and focus your action on that.

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